Nasty Gal

Click for: Fresh, flirty, youthful clothes and accessories.

Stay for: A fearless approach to everyday style that puts a welcome and oh-so-charming twist on your basics.

The Store: If ever there was a company whose beginnings were humble, it’s Nasty Gal. Founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso, it began the way so many minor modern-day successes do: on eBay, where Amoruso sold vintage clothes found at secondhand shops. Her e-store, Nasty Gal Vintage, was a smash success, and it inspired Amoruso to develop her own platform. And so, Nasty Gal was born.

Known for its hip, sexy clothes that push boundaries, Nasty Gal is special for a number of reasons. It’s the brainchild of a young woman who clearly accomplished exactly what she set out to do—and then some. At its heart, it’s all about owning your style and wearing every piece with confidence, no matter how fierce, full of ‘tude, or bold it may be.

Of course, if demure and coquettish is more your speed, there’s something for you in the mix, too. Delicate florals, soft pastels, and crisp, no-fuss professional attire capture a more subdued spirit that is still somehow on the cusp of daring. It’s the perfect selection of clothing that borders on outrageous yet never feels excessive, that evokes maximum personality without sacrificing its self-respect.

Also in the mix are head-turning shoes that seem borrowed from a runway model’s closet, too-cool baubles that beg to be shown off at every opportunity, and on-trend bags that won’t crush your savings. In fact, that’s the case for nearly everything sold at Nasty Gal—it’s all wonderfully on budget, which makes it remarkably easy for anyone to pull off red-carpet style minus the Hollywood price tag.

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