Click for: Classics with distinctive, offbeat twists.

Stay for: A curated collection of high-fashion womenswear, marrying the simplicity of the reliable classic with the boldness of haute couture.

The Store:That Milly’s founder, Michelle Smith, was the first American employed by Hermés to work in the company’s Paris headquarters should have been an indication that bigger things were on the horizon. Smith founded Milly with a designer to create a more upscale take on the traditional womenswear.

Just a glance through the virtual racks offers a strong understanding of what makes this label tick. Take in the structured, asymmetrical dresses with strategic rips across the skirt; the flirty yet somehow completely practical bustier mini; the wildly playful bell sleeves and flared legs on Parisian-striped tops and 70s-chic bellbottoms. It takes some panache to pull some of the pieces off, but all you need is some moxie to step out there and turn heads.

It’s that penchant for head-turning glamour that makes the Milly label such a fan favorite. The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Amy Schumer, and Emily Blunt have all been spotted in the brand’s luxurious garb, and it’s no wonder. Over the years, Milly has expanded from basic womenswear to a more well-rounded collection that includes handbags, leather accessories, and swimwear. There’s even a line of clothing for children, in case you’ve got a budding fashion maven in your midst and want to start her early.

The site has everything savvy shoppers need to fill their closet with new luxuries, and you can even browse a glamorous selection of Smith’s own top picks from the label. It’s all highly posh—much like Smith’s impressive background that eventually brought us all the beauty of Milly.

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