Click for: Creative clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home décor with a classic-meets-bohemian flair.

Stay for: Hundreds of products that nurture a lifestyle aesthetic and unite sensible style with uncommonly chic looks, including effortless tops and dresses, artisanal footwear, and crafty household goods.

The Store: Anthropologie was born of a very specific need—that of the bereft shopper in her 30s and 40s seeking a style-conscious alternative to the trend-driven retailers currently in existence. The brainchild of Dick Hayne, the store opened in 1992 and quickly evolved into a major global entity.

The digital portfolio is a virtual replica of the stores’ charming, somewhat quaint, highly whimsical interiors. All that’s missing is the delightfully unique music—and even that is quickly forgotten as you browse a deep selection of tops and bottoms. Dress lovers often turn first to Anthropologie to find a perfectly quirky candidate for their days and nights out. Sort by style, size, price, colour, or brand to find the ultimate piece befitting your every need.

Equally impressive is the vibrant accessories department, where rainbow-toned jewels mingle with exotic scarves and floppy hats beckon alongside minimal heels. A bit like a bustling European market—minus the crowds, natch—this virtual marketplace offers a treasure trove of alluring finds. Also in the mix: phenomenal home furnishings, funky décor, elaborate ottomans, and other pieces you didn’t realize you needed.

For all its eclecticism, Anthropologie presents a fantastically streamlined online shopping experience. Styling assistants are a quick message away; they’ll guide you in the right direction with just a few brief missives. There's great pleasure, through, in searching the site and discovering just the right thing—or simply browsing freely before landing upon that special objet d’amour.

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