Inside the LoveHate Studio with Geneine Honey

Designer Geneine Honey shows us inside her gorgeous studio and showroom.

06 Dec 2013 By Alexandra Schischov

Geneine Honey from Love Hate Studio

Geneine Honey is the designer and director behind Love Hate. The Melburnian has a keen eye for details. She began her career creating accessories, but now dabbles in homewares, hosiery, nail polish and shoes. We got a sneaky peek inside Geneine’s gorgeous studio and showroom …

How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic and a little bit vintage. I get inspiration from blogs, galleries and fashion.

Can you tell us about your label?

I run the label A Tale Of Two Cities with Kim Tran from Mushu in Sydney. We started travelling together, buying for our stores. We found ourselves talking about what stock was lacking and began to design ranges based around what we knew our retail customers were after.  I also design my own label, Love Hate.

How do you keep your wardrobe organised?

I need to have a summer and a winter wardrobe, putting the winter away during summer and so on.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Quite a mix! I have a lot of Danish furniture that I like to mix with super kitsch 50s pieces and other industrial bits and bobs. My decorating style reflects what I do with my spare time – I look at art, shop for vintage treasures, relax on really comfy chairs and read good books.

Your top five tips to cultivate a great workspace?

Good computers, flexible hours, an aesthetically pleasing space, a little bit of chitchat and a great selection of tea.

Where do you buy most of your furniture and home wares?

I have collected it slowly over many years. I love Three Quarters in Brunswick, Grandfathers Axe and Camberwell Markets.

What are your must-have homewares?

Artwork by Emma Van Leest, planters from Love Hate, bedding from Nancybird and cushions form Pony Rider.

Any exciting upcoming projects?

We’re creating bedding in collaboration with another label, Love Hate will be making clothing again after a two-year break and Kim and I are finishing up our winter range for A Tale of Two Cites.

Inside the LoveHate studio…





You can find LoveHate online at and

06 Dec 2013 By Alexandra Schischov


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