How to Achieve a Flawless Autumn Face in 5 Minutes Flat

Looking fierce on the fly!

Got a few minutes, minimal cosmetics and fingertips at the ready? That is all you need to get the autumn face in five minutes flat. Start your clocks ladies. Your morning routine is about to be sliced in half!

10 May 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Ok, so dressing may take a little more time this season – what with all those layers – but when it comes to doing your makeup? Well, we’ve got that sorted for you in five minutes flat!

For autumn and through to winter, there are only a few key products you need in your cosmetic case to get you through. Set your watch, get your clean fingers ready (you’ll need them!) and here we go!


Skin this season is midway between alabaster and illuminated. Shine is minimal, but matteness is non-existent. This, my friends, is easy to achieve.

On a clean complexion, empty a 20 cent piece of BB cream or a similarly textured foundation onto the back of your hand. Then dot down the midline of the face from the hairline to underneath – not above – the chin.

Then, blend outwards to the hairline from top to bottom. (By applying the most product down the middle of the face, you ensure that the excess doesn’t collect around the hairline.) Be sure to pay particular attention blending around the inner eye sockets, brows, nostrils, ears, hairline and jawline.

Press on a cream concealer  to blemishes or discolouration that still shows through. Also, apply under the eye socket – pressing inwards from the outer to the inner corner of the eyes – on the eyelids and around the nostrils where skin can appear a little red.

Brush on a bronzing illuminator mineral powder only where the light hits the face. That way, you avoid looking too pale and add a healthy autumn glow at the same time.

Our Top Picks:

The Autumn Face in 5 Minutes Flat: AW16 - Skin

1. COVERGIRL truBLEND Fix Stick Concealer, $14.95 – available at Priceline.
2. Beige Shimmer Brick, $72 – available at Bobbi Brown.
3. Candy Doll BB Cream, $37 – available at Sephora.


For day, ‘ghost’ colour on the lips. By this I mean a sheer matte dust of colour, nothing too lacquered or heavy. And this is super easy to achieve either with a lipstick, lipgloss, tint, stain or creme colour. To apply, simply apply a little colour on the middle finger pad and press evenly across the top lip, taking care to stay in line with the cupids bow. Then kiss the colour into the bottom lip. Once done, check if you have enough colour and if not, dial it up again by repeating the process.

Our Top Picks:

The Autumn Face in 5 Minutes Flat: AW16 - Lips

1. Beach Stick, $55 – available at Charlotte Tilbury.
2. Inika Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Creme, $39 – available at Nourished Life.
3. DIOR Addict Lipstick, $52 – available at David Jones.


Let’s take it from the top; Brush brows upwards with a tinted brow brush in vertical strokes. Then even the top line by gliding the brush gently on a 45-degree angle so brow hairs look full and tamed. Then, we’re onto the eyelids. As you may have concealed these, they are the perfect even canvas for a cream coverage. Press a warm autumnal colour – from vanilla to taupe, through to molten gold or a diluted chocolate brown – onto the movable lid. Then press a clear balm into lids and sweep directly under brow arch to bounce light and give the areas some luminosity, making the eyes pop and the brows arch more pronounced

When it comes to lashes, a lash curler is an essential. Take up 30 seconds by blasting the rubber part of your curler with warm air from your hairdryer. Then press on the lashes working in a pumping action from the lashline to the lash end. Repeat three times. The heat and repetitive motion ensure lashes are at their curliest for the long haul! Using a volumizing mascara, apply in ‘wiggling’ motions – not straight sweeps – from the base of the lashes to the ends. Again, repeat three times. This ensures pigment attaches to the full area of the lash without clumping.

Our Top Picks:

The Autumn Face in 5 Minutes Flat: AW16 - Eyes

1. jane iredale Purebrow Fix + Mascara, $35 now $29.75 – available at Adore Beauty.
2. Eyes To Mesmerise, $44 – available at Charlotte Tilbury.
3. Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, $26 – available at Adore Beauty.


A tint is the last step in your five-minute face. Why? Because by this time your coverage would have settled, illustrating the tone your skin will take for the day. You would have also decided on the depth of your lip, so your cheek flush should compliment this. Apply a liquid tint to the finger so that it doesn’t stain the cheek directly. Then press onto the most pronounced area of the cheekbone and blend in gentle pats upwards towards the ear. Continue this for about 30 seconds as cheek stains take to the skin very quickly, and if not blended immediately, they can leave a circular shape which looks anything but natural!

Our Top Picks:

The Autumn Face in 5 Minutes Flat: AW16 - Cheeks

1. 100% Pure Cherry Cheek Stain, $29.95 – available at Nourished Life.
2. Revlon Cream Blush, $26.95 – available at David Jones.
3. benefit Cosmetics Lollitint Cheek & Lip Stain, $55 – available at Sephora.

Easy right? Try the five-minute face for yourself and let us know how you go!

10 May 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay


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