3 Shades of Post-Summer Hair

Delicious creme's, toffee and rose!

Transitioning from summer styles to autumn options? Don't leave your hair in the dark - literally or figuratively! The new hues of Autumn 2016 are deliciously refreshing and incredibly doable!

17 Feb 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Some investments are simply worth making, and changing up your hair colour with the advent of a new season is one of those things. Here’s Why:

  • We switch up the shades we are wearing close to our face – swapping sorbet pastels for richly toned oranges, and crisp white collars for heavy grey knits – so hair can play a significant part in complimenting these shades.
  • Our skin tone also pales due to the lack of sun exposure, so with a cooler complexion, a new hair shade can also expertly add luminescence and warmth without even trying!
  • Not all colour ruins your hair. After a summer in full sun, your hair – especially lighter tones – can do with a bit of R&R, which may mean a darker, hydrating shade – sans bleach – is what the Doctor ordered for it to take a rest.

Of course, we’re on the case when it comes to the best autumn shades for your post-summer hair. Here are three of our favourites to fire up the season!

Autumn Creme

Think Khloe Kardashian here. Colour is a milky, thick blonde – not as icy and translucent as summer-gone-by. However, even though this shade appears soft and luxurious, it’s still likely to be dry as any colour takes it out of your tresses. Therefore, be sure to use blonde-friendly shampoo’s, conditioners and treatments.

Care Kit:

Three Shades of Post-Summer Hair: AW16 - Autumn Creme

1. KÉRASTASE MASQUE NUTRI-THERMIQUE, $60 – available at Adore Beauty.
2. KEVIN.MURPHY BLONDE.ANGEL, $42.95 – available at Adore Beauty.
3. PERCY & REED Best Friend Totally Intensive Treatment Oil+, $60 – available at Sephora.
4.Kiehl’s Colour Preserving Shampoo, $32 – available at David Jones.

Autumn Cocoa

As seen on J-Lo, dark hair is no longer boring brown, but a myriad of rust, aubergine and caramel inspired earthy undertones. This can be achieved with an in-salon toner to remove any dullness and add accents of lightness to this ever-evolving shade.

Care Kit:

Three Shades of Post-Summer Hair: AW16 - Autumn Cocoa

1. Sachajuan Colour Save Conditioner, approx. $42 – available at Anthropologie.
2. PERCY & REED Mini Really Rather Radiant Colour & Shine Shampoo, $15 – available at Sephora.
3. Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm, $35 – available at David Jones.
4. Kelly Van Gogh Colour Protecting Caviar Conditioner, approx. $35 – available at Anthropologie.

Autumn Rose

2015 saw a lot of pastel shades flying around, and boy, wasn’t it beautiful? But this year, a more mature approach is on the cards, with a light rose shade bridging the gap for red-heads. A creamy look, the rose shade is particularly flattering on warm skin tones, but you will have to up the care factor on your hair products here too!

Care Kit:

Three Shades of Post-Summer Hair: AW16 - Autumn Rose

1. Number 4 Hair Hydrating Conditioner, approx. $50 – available at Anthropologie.
2.KEVIN.MURPHY DAMAGE.MANAGER, $38.95 – available at Adore Beauty.
3.Al’chemy Unscented Very Gentle Conditioner, $26.95 – available at David Jones.
4. Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Deeply Repairative Hair Pack, $42 – available at David Jones.

Which hue update are you hoping to introduce to your hair wardrobe? Let us know below!

17 Feb 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay


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