4 New Superfoods You've Never Heard Of

And not a kale chip in site!

15 Mar 2017 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Tired of the kale chip recipe you’ve been churning out since Bieber was a boy? It’s time to switch up your superfoods.

The experts at wholefood cafe and online store, Shokuiku, introduce us to four new superfoods. And even though they are relatively unheard of, they are about to boost your health big time!


4 New Superfoods You've Never Heard Of: AW17

Try for: Easing anxiety.

Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb, is found to elevate mood, sexual vitality, brain function and combat the effects of amnesia. An ancient ingredient containing a chemical substance called Withaferin-A. This is thought to be one of the most useful herbs to help anxiety. It also help with mood swings, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia.

Try as: This superfood is taken as a supplement but also can be consumed as a tea.  

Astragalus Root Powder

4 New Superfoods You've Never Heard Of: AW17

Try for: Counteracting colds.

Astragalus Root Powder is no new superfood! It has been utilised for centuries in Chinese medicine because of its powerful immunity-boosting cabilities. This is what you need going into the cooler months to naturally bolster the body against common colds and upper respiratory infection. 

Try as: Ashwagandha root powder is the perfect addition to smoothies. 

Bamboo Salt Grain 

4 New Superfoods You've Never Heard Of: AW17

Try for: A boost to your wellbeing.

Bamboo salt is nothing new, having been developed by Korean doctors and monks almost 1,000 years ago. The bamboo salt grain roasting process is complex. The salt grains are harvested from the Western Coast of South Korea and are placed into bamboo trunks sealed with red clay. The salt is then roasted nine times, producing a deep purple grain, rich in over 70 kinds of minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc!

Try as: This superfood is best consumed by adding it to vegan egg recipes due to its unique taste and smell which is similar to an egg. 

Blue Majik

4 New Superfoods You've Never Heard Of: AW17

Try for: Eliminating aches and pains.

This organic, natural phycocyanin-rich extract of the blue-green algae is full of loads of wonderful vitamins and minerals. This powerful blue pigmented antioxidant helps with joint health, general body pain, premature ageing and helps to boost your immune system.

Try as: This superfood comes in powder and capsules and best used in smoothies.    

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Which superfoods are your favourite? Let us know below…

15 Mar 2017 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay