At Home With Kristie Castagna

We take a peek inside the brain of one of the countries top interior decorators!

12 Dec 2013 By Alexandra Schischov

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We love a good home décor blog and Kristie Castagna’s is one of our favourites. The interior decorator, who is  based in Perth, showcases her latest projects on her blog, Elements At Home ( Get clicking and be inspired by her eye for detail, colour and form. Kristie has a knack of finding bits and bobs that can transform your home décor in a realistic and accessible way.

What’s your typical working week like?
I blog every day, reserve Tuesdays for design consultations and on Thursday and Saturdays, you’ll find me in the Laminex Showroom.

How would you describe your decorating style?
I have been using a modern Chinoiserie style for about 10 years.

Where do you draw inspiration from when decorating your home?
I keep a close eye on many other design blogs, websites and magazines for inspiration, including Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Houzz, Real Living and House and Garden. This gives me the mix I need, while also helping me relate to different clients’ styles. I really do decorate with what I like, but am slightly influenced by trends.

What’s your favourite room and why?
The bedroom. I think you can create so many different looks with the bed and bedsides with layers of colours from quilts and pillows, cushions and throws. You can also create vignettes by your bedside. The bedroom doesn’t need to reflect the rest of the house, as it’s your own personal space. Its very reflective of how people really live and not what they put on “show”

Where do you buy most of your furniture and homewares?
I create a lot of up-cycled pieces from thrift stores, as well as buying from an array of online stores and suppliers. I quite often stumble upon things that I fall in love with while searching for clients!

What’s your biggest steal?
My storage coffee table. I bought it for $20 off Gumtree.

What are your top five homewares must-haves?
Lamps, vases, books, cushions and rugs. These are the pieces that tell the story.

What are your top three styling tips?
Limit your use of matching items but keep them coordinated, create different heights with your homewares and don’t fill every space.


12 Dec 2013 By Alexandra Schischov


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