Hell Yes! 3 Top Hair Stylists Share Their Latest Must-Haves

Consider your 'do' done.

Who needs Good Hair Days when you can have Epic Hair Weeks? We've rounded up the essential hair styling products from three leading experts, and were surprised at how simple - and savings friendly - they are!

30 Mar 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Forget good hair days. Here at Stylizen, we’re more interested in good hair weeks! Therefore, we’ve downed our styling tools and gone straight to the top, quizzing some of the globe’s greatest hairstylists about what they pack in their kit.

Aleks Abadia, Co–Founder & Hair Director of Esstudio Galleria

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

O&M, Seven Day Miracle. “A completely natural Australian blend of oils that nourishes and moisturises dry hair. Use for 30 seconds to add lush moisture or wrap under a warm towel to unlock maximum moisturising properties.”

Gliders, Non-Slip Hair Bands. “Great for all occasions and activities, day to evening, these snag and static free bands hold hair firmly in place with no added tension to the hair,” explains Aleks. “Great for high, medium or low ponies.”

Kiehl’s Stylist Series Silk Groom Serum tames frizzy unwanted fly-aways and it’s non-greasy with an overall natural glossy finish made from sesame oil, soybean and sunflower oils.”

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

1. Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum, $32 – available at David Jones.
2. GLIDERS Non Slip Sports Bands, $4.49 – available at Priceline.
3. O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque, $35.15 – available at Adore Beauty.

Mark Hampton, TONI&GUY Haircare Global Hair Ambassador

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

“I love to prep the hair with TONI&GUY Prep Volume Plumping Mousse and then plait the hair, ensuring you go as far to the ends as possible,” says Mark. “Then I iron the ends of the plaits with a straightening iron to lock in the moisture. Once hair has dried, I unplait to reveal really beautiful waves that  have an ‘undone’ look for a fresh and super cool feel.”

“Coloured hair is often more fragile from bleaches and dyes, which can cause dry, frizzy hair. To combat split ends, I would recommend regular trims and using the TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask once a week to give your hair a boost”.

If you usually have poker straight hair, an ‘undone’ wavy look can look sexy, suggests Mark. “Spritz TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray throughout the hair for a low-maintenance super sexy matte finish – it looks cool but not like you’ve spent hours forcing it.”

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

1. TONI&GUY Prep Mousse Volumising Plump, $9.99 – available at Priceline.
2. TONI&GUY Nourish Reconstruction Mask, $10 – available at Priceline.
3. TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray, $10 – available at Priceline.

Barney Martin, Leading Celebrity Hairstylist and Pantene Hair Expert

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

Take into consideration the damage you’ve inflicted to your hair over summer, restoring it back to its natural glory with a rejuvenating daily routine with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner to rehydrate and repair your hair, suggests Barney. “The product helps keep your hair strong and hydrated which is of particular importance post-Summer.”

“To maintain your glossier autumn tones, you need to use colour locking hair care products to keep it looking bright and strong.” Barney’s favourite? Pantene Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner “as it works to repair and protect against extreme damage which is caused from colouring, delivering on shiny, healthy hair.”

If you heat style hair daily, “I would suggest using a weekly treatment or masque designed to retain moisture and effectively combat hair damage,” advises Barney. “The Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Intensive Hair Masque is a great option as it contains a Pro-V Complex that insulates and hydrates every strand to help lock in moisture while restoring a healthy vibrant look and feel to damaged hair.”

Hell Yes! 3 Top Hairstylists Share Their Must-Have Products: AW16

1. PANTENE Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner, $3.99 – available at Priceline.
2. PANTENE Moisture Renewal Intensive Repair Masque, $7.69 – available at Priceline.
3. PANTENE Colour Therapy Shampoo, $15.69 – available at Priceline.

All Backstage Images: Imax Tree

Are you going to grab one of these essential hair stylist’s bargain buys for your bathroom?

30 Mar 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay


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