Could This Be the Face Mask of the Future?

We think it's pure genius!

05 Apr 2017 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

“Skin is hugely psychological,” explains Celebrity Makeup Artist, Charlotte Tilbury. “Every woman wants to feel like the best version of themselves in their skin every day.” As a result, Charlotte has developed the Instant Magic Facial Dry Mask. And it’s setting the beauty world abuzz!

Here’s how the face mask of the future works.

It Gets In Good

Because the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Facial Mask is a dry sheet that incorporates Bio-Mimetic Vector Delivery, ingredients into the skin slowly, therefore extending the benefits.

It’s Mess Free

The mask doesn’t require water to activate it. It is a ‘dry mask,’ free of fuss and mess.

It’s Long Lasting

The burst release effects of this mask last for up to 8 hours, so well after you’ve removed it, it’s still doing good things to your skin.

It Listens To Your Skin

The Magic Facial Dry Sheet technology has an inbuilt 5 Skin Solution IQ which allows it to feed the skin exactly what it needs. It fills in the gaps, so your skin gets exactly what it needs when it needs it.

It’s High On Ingredients

It has the higher dosage of active ingredients and the most potent delivery system, including vitamin B3 to brighten, tone and revive glow. The Plant Stem Cell Matrix lifts the skin and helps to decrease wrinkles while Crocus Bulb Extract redefines the skin. “It supports reconstruction, and encourages collagen/elastin production,” Charlotte explains. Peptides work together to reduce wrinkles, and magic oils and butters help strengthen the lipidic barrier for a natural, nourished glow!

It’s Proven

In ground-breaking trials, the results revealed that women reported softer, more hydrated and brighter looking skin. Participants also showed a reduction in roughness and tired marks, resulting in more illuminated and smooth skin.

It’s Fast!

“The mask can be re-used up to 3 times!,” explains Debbie Thomas, Clinical Aesthetician to the stars. “Because it is dry, it will never harbour bacteria like sloppy wet sheet masks. Use this mask up to three times anywhere, and anytime. This mask is pure genius!” she enthuses.

Could This Be the Face Mask of the Future: AW17

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Face Mask 4-Pack, $126, available at Charlotte Tilbury.

Intrigued? Learn more from Charlotte and Debbie here!

Do you use face masks? How often and which do you find work the best – and why?

05 Apr 2017 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay