Stylizen's Top 5 Aussie Beauty Brands of the Moment

Top of the list, Down Under.

With Australia Day upon us, we're celebrating home-grown beauty brands here at Stylizen. From skincare to cosmetics here are the five brands spilling out of our beauty cabinets right now!

21 Jan 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty, rich and rare – Australia’s approach to aesthetics is second to none. A combination of some of the world’s greatest natural resources – and best entrepreneurial minds – means that our homegrown beauty and wellness brands are some of the world’s best. In celebration of Australia Day next week, we raise a glass (of water right?) to the most coveted Australian cosmetic and beauty brands around.

The Base

In 2016, Lara Worthington (nee Bingle) can do no wrong. Once the fall girl for her widely-publicised youthful faux-pars, today, the new mother has emerged as an entrepreneurial force with The Base, a killer line up of healthy-glow-to-go gets for all complexions. Keeping true to her beauty calling card, Lara is offering her healthy luminosity to the masses in an array of bronzers, illuminators and body oils.

Star Product:

We are falling over ourselves for The Base Body Glow Oil, which is Lara’s answer to health and holiday vibes in a tube. The coconut scent is the kicker here when applied to the body for a muted, beautiful bronze. Who even needs a beach?

Top 5 Australian Beauty Brands: SS15 - THE BASE Body Glow Oil

THE BASE Body Glow Oil, $39 – available at Sephora.


Established in Melbourne nearly thirty years ago, Aesop has gone from strength-t0-strength when it comes to design and delights that beauty products can offer. With a finger on the plant-based ingredient pulse long before others had got a whiff of Mother Nature’s marketability, Aesop hair, body and skincare products remain the ones you want front and centre on display in your bathroom.

Star Product:

Masks are always on high rotation around here, and Aesop does one of the best. This Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask is made for summer with its gentle cleaning power for SPF-overdosed, sun-parched skin.

Top 5 Australian Beauty Brands: SS15 - Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque Tube

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque Tube, $39 – available at David Jones.


Rummage through the clutch bag of any beauty editor and you’ll find one – if not several – well-loved tubes of Lanolips. A long way from her family sheep farm in South Australia, Sydney-based beauty doyenne and founder Kirsten Carriol knew from her childhood how nurturing lanolin could be on the skin, and created this cult brand. Using only the purest, rigorously tested medical-grade lanolin, her range of lipglosses and skin salves have won hearts – and beauty awards – the world over.

Star Product:

I keep Lanolips 101 with me everywhere I go. Sublime on lips, perfect for glossing up peepers and a necessity for many a scratch or cracked cuticle, this is the LBD of the beauty bag!

Top 5 Australian Beauty Brands: SS15 - Lanolips 101 Ointment

Lanolips 101 Ointment, $17.95 – available at Adore Beauty.


Before there was KORA Organics (which deserves serious beauty cred as well) Kosmea was kicking goals in the rosehip oil department. Founded in 1993 by Marie Jenkins – who sold the family car to fund her startup – Kosmea remains one of the very best rosehip oil ranges within an ever expanding market. Free of mineral oils, artificial colours and sodium lauryl sulphate, Kosmea products live up to their legendary status on beauty counters everywhere.

Star Product:

Rich in the fatty acids your face can’t get enough of, Kosmea’s Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip is readily absorbed into the skin to give it an extra kick of care each morning. I dab 2-3 drops on after cleansing my face, and then apply an SPF over the top, allowing both to settle before makeup comes into the occasion. The result? A complexion that is quenched and aceing luminosity all day long!

Top 5 Australian Beauty Brands: SS15 - Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, $12.95 – available at David Jones.

WelleCo Australia

There are no two ways about it; beauty starts from within. Hence, WelleCo’s range of supplements making the list of our favourite Australian beauty brands. Founded by Aussie Supermodel and Global business mind Elle Macpherson, home-grown publishing It girl, Andrea Bux and Sydney-based Dr Simone Laubscher, who specialises in Oxidative Stress and nutrition. Together, the women have established a brilliant range of alkalizing supplements to help develop internal equilibrium, and therefore, external vibrancy and vigour!

Star Product:

It all started with The Super Elixir, and you can see why it’s kicked off from there. This Alkalizing Green powder provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to fuel health and wellness. Readily absorbed into the body to optimise the function of all 11 of the bodies systems – including digestive, hormonal, circulatory and integumentary (for beautiful nails, hair and skin) – just add water to a scoop each morning to get your fill of internal beauty!

Top 5 Australian Beauty Brands: SS15 - The Super Elixir Re-Sealable Pouch

The Super Elixir Re-Sealable Pouch, $49 – available at David Jones.

What’s your favourite Australian beauty brand? Which wins every time over its international counterparts?

21 Jan 2016 By Emma-Charlotte Bangay


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